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Welcome To The Garry Stevens Home Website This Site Is Dedicated To The Freedom Of Radio And The History To The present Day Of An Individual Who Took Part In That Fight Throughout His Entire Life.

This site Last updated on 28.08.1

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Having been born in 1954, I found myself at an influential age during the heyday of the offshore radio stations in the early 1960's.  The concept of radio interested me from the age of  7 when unfortunately all I had to listen too was the BBC light service on my first radio bought for me by my parents as a Christmas present being a Viscount 6-transistor pocket radio.  For two years I struggled to hear pop music until one well known day at Easter 1964.  From this point on I would have my radio with me twenty four hours per day and of course as history dictated listening to the opening of Radio Atlanta and every new station up to the demise of Radio Caroline in 1968.  I guess as with many youngsters of this era the most influential radio station was Big L with its brash format, its 75kw transmitter and its sound of freedom

On the 14th of August 1967 I lost both a friend and part of what I was at the closure of Big L  So its little wonder I should one day bring it back on air and at the appropriate time and day 3pm Aug 14th 2016. Back in 67  I found myself, as many youngsters did at this time, playing with reel to reel tape recorders and microphones.  More fortunately than most, having after listened to many QSO stations and many small but free! Music stations based in London during the early 70's and having dreamt of being able to take part but not knowing how to build or acquire the equipment, I one day in August 1975 met Peter Ray who had been a long term land based pirate.

  Naturally I asked him "how do I" and at midnight the following night I had my first rig, a 50w 807 MW valve transmitter.

This website is dedicated to everything that happened after that night.

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