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Big L

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By July 1990, I had been running various radio stations almost continuously for 20 years. I felt like taking a break from the day to day running of a radio station and to just sit back and do programmes only.  So I closed down Veronica Supergold and a new station appeared run by Russell (DJ name: Ruski on the Radio).
Big L was chosen as the name of the new station. On the first Sunday in August Big L took to the air using the same in-house main transmitter, link transmitter and transmission site. This was the Chingford Hall estate in Chingford, East London using a 200w ERP stereo main transmitter. The link transmitter was situated at Peter Sharpe’s then home address in Silver Street, Edmonton, N9.

This later become a well known site to a certain gentleman within the DTI Radio Interference Dept. Amazingly though, throughout our time transmitting from this address we never suffered a studio raid. At a later date I spoke to him on the phone about another matter and in passing he mentioned the very obtrusive aerial that we had erected in the rear garden in Silver Street. I immediately said thanks for knowing that and never doing anything about it. Much to my surprise he then told me that he and his colleagues would often enjoy listening to us whilst they were out raiding other stations and that they appreciated that we were of a completely different kind.

As with Veronica Supergold, Big L’s format was very similar being a mixture of oldies, Europop, a small amount of light rock and any favoured records of the presenters. In reality the presenters would play pretty much what they liked as everyone enjoyed the above music styles. There were no tedious playlists with the same small selection of records in strict rotation sadly still to be found on legal radio today (eg. Heart FM). This made our station very popular, even amongst people working in the radio industry, as it was like a breath of fresh air on a crowded FM radio band that had very little worth listening to.
The DJ line-up and transmission hours were virtually identical to that of Veronica Supergold.

At the beginning of March 1991 Russell (aka Ruski on the Radio) decided that he would immigrate to New Zealand leaving all the staff of Big L high and dry. So between them, that Mike Andrews, Tony James, Steve Roberts and the rest of the team took me to the pub. They proceeded to get me well pi...,  erm, inebriated and some how persuaded me to bring back Veronica Supergold. Transmissions recommenced from Veronica Supergold on 3 March 1991 using 101MHz FM Stereo. For further information please visit the Veronica Supergold page.


BigLsticker2_thumb.jpg (3066 bytes) Big L Sticker
BigLsicker1_thumb.jpg (3305 bytes) Another Big L Sticker
tapedecks_thumbs.jpg (2111 bytes) Tape decks for programme playback
programme_thumb.jpg (3032 bytes) Andy Rogers breakfast show going out on air
mixer_thumb.jpg (2234 bytes) Mixer used between programme tapes
frequency_thumb.jpg (2017 bytes) Scanner showing link transmitter on air and frequency
Big L 3_thumb.jpg (2521 bytes) Equipment for monitoring the DTI at Stanmore and London
linkrig_thumb.jpg (2230 bytes) Link transmitter at foot of aerial in garden, Silver Street Edmonton
linkaerial_thumb.jpg (2121 bytes) Link aerial on air in garden, Silver Street Edmonton
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Another picture of Link aerial on air in garden, Silver Street Edmonton

BigLsite_thumb.jpg (2324 bytes) Main transmitter being installed on Walbrook House Edmonton
BigLaerial_thumb.jpg (2573 bytes) Main aerial being erected on Walbrook House Edmonton
swr_thumb.jpg (4398 bytes) SWR meter showing Big L on air

To listen to the audio files you will need Real Media Player you can download it here Rp.jpg (1635 bytes)

Listen to Garry Stevens on BigL