Dave Nicholas R.N.I's English service Manager

David is station Director Garry Stevens right hand man Dave helps Garry look after the English DJ's and their shows by making sure they all reach Garry in time for broadcasting each week, in Garry's own words "Dave is extremely important to both me and indeed R.N.I..."  Dave was born the same year as Steve Chesney - the RNI DJ who lives closest to him! - Age trying to forget! Started his involvement in presenting music at age 15 at Grammar School with lunchtime sessions raising money for local charities. Went on to perform in Northwest club scene including the Legendary Wigan Casino in the early 70's where he even appeared as part of a stag night. Then spent a couple of years as compare and link at Tetley Walker night club in Warrington where he worked with almost all of the cast of the comedians. Did summer season at Layton Blackpool where he shared one bill with the Nolans! In the early 70's got involved with Hospital radio in Chorley, Lancashire after being featured from a local club. In 1974 started commentating Stock Car racing at New Brighton and that led to doing Stock Cars at Stadiums from Cowdenbeath to St Day (Tiny place in Cornwall) and in N.Ireland and the Isle of Man. In 1980 that was 141 events, mainly weekends, between March & November! Did promotional work with Bill Maynard, of Heartbeat and Selwyn Frogatt fame in the 1980's at Circuits all over the UK. Then went on to discos in the Midlands from 1976 for around 8 years. He made it aboard the Mi Amigo in 1967 after lending a Motown album to Johnnie Walker and was stranded there for two days by the weather. He claims fame in not being seasick!. He found RNI via a Golden Radio e.mail in 2010 for Easter Monday and then via azanorak.com where he still uploads all the International service output. He uploads all the Dutch and German output to Golden radio. He states that the passion for music and the great cammerardierie with everyone at RNI is so special, its the best place to be and he really feels at home. Can't ever see himself anywhere else! Dave can be heard on RNI each Thursday 7.pm till 8pm GMT.

Bruno Hans Says, I am a French writer (35 books since 1992) and editor of books, have been radio and TV host, I collect rare UK & US music of the 60's & 70's as well as old movies in black & white. I run an internet service called infodisc.fr (thousands of informations about records released in France between 1950 and 2015).
Hardy is R.N.I's German service Manager.

He began his radio-career in 1968 in the US State of Mississippi in the town named Biloxi, in the Gulf of Mexico. The station KHR-Radio was linked to the AFRTS (American Forces Radio & Television Service). RVI Radio Valentine International was a land based pirate he joined 1969, it later came to an end through the efforts of the German & Belgian authorities. Radio Fortuna LTD a legal German based company, founded in 1979 in WESEL /NRW, produced programmes in various cities in Germany and transmitted them in Italy at the Riviera, from a hill (900 meters high) at the city of Carara, so it could be received in Italy, France and sometimes the Spanish coast. The live and the recorded programmes were transmitted with a power of  18 KW on a directional antenna. In 1983  Tele Fortuna Ltd was founded and produced their legal private daily television programmes. During this time Hardy worked as chief, programme director and controller. Radio TeleWesel1 bought the rights on the name TELE Wesel 1 from Tele Fortuna and aired more than 200 programmes over the antennas of  Radio KW. Radio WMW - Borken (local radio) in NRW became his new base from 1992 -1998 with some 10 hours of live programs a week. During this time Hardy worked as controller of live programmes and reporter for the whole of the transmission area.  The station also had some live reports for their central broadcast mother station in Oberhausen for the news etc. for the whole state of NRW. RTW1 is where Hardy currently works. He is the chairman and trainer for young journalists and editors. Unfortunately Hardy had to cut his work to a minimum due to a sudden death of his wife. She left him with 2 beautiful very young children (2 1/2  years and 5 months old) to take care of.  Hardy says “It may sound sad, but it really is a wonderful thing to do, now they are 9 & 11 years of age and I'm so glad to find RNI. To be back at the mike with such a crew makes me glad and really happy.” Tune in to Hardy every Thursday at 5am  and 7pm UK time.

Duncan James is R.N.I's joint technical Manager

Together with Nigel James Duncan helps Garry look after the Tecnical side of R.N.I

Duncan James first became involved in radio in 1978 as an avid listener to the LBP stations in London. While playing with his Tandy 10 in 1 electronic project kit, configured as a low power AM transmitter, he came across a pirate station called North London Radio run by Garry Stevens. Finding this station made him tune around more on the AM band and then on the FM band. Which then led him to start building transmitters and running his own pirate station. Duncan James then went on to do programmes for several London stations and today hosts the Sunday 10-Midnight slot on RNI



Nigel James is R.N.I's joint technical Manager

Together with Duncan James Nigel helps Garry look after the Tecnical side of R.N.I

Nigel James had a large childhood interest in radio which led him to listen to many stations and get involved in hospital radio. He went on to run a LBP station in Hertfordshire and submitted programmes to London LBPs. Nigel is an avid fan of both Max Bygraves & Kylie Minogue,his choice in music is as wide as his vocabulary. Anything from Mantovanni through to classic gold and Euro are sure to get a spin or two on the Nigel James show on RNI, Sundays 8 - 10pm.


Theo De Brabander, geboren op 20 juli 1960. Sinds begin jaren tachtig actief in de radiowereld. Mee aan de start van één de eerste vrije radio’s van België: Radio Ternat, maar al jaren voorheen gebeten door deze goedaardige microbe. Mijn ma haar neef was actief medewerker van Radio Atlantis, dat toen nog uitzond vanop de MV Mi Amigo. Toen was het hek helemaal van de dam. Het begin van een tot op heden schitterende radiocariere:
In de beginjaren 80' enorm gepassioneerd door de vrije radio ben ik begonnen met m'n eerste stappen te zetten in deze boeiende wereld. 10
jaar Radio Maeva, de gedoodverfde opvolger van Mi-Amigo (aan land), en een tiental jaar Contact-Nationaal. Mi-Amigo 192, Mi-Amigo-Spanje, VBRO…met een hart voor de Nederlandstalige muziek! Monique 963..enz.
Radio Noordzee internationaal is een station boordevol nostalgie, hier voel ik mij opnieuw thuis! Geniet van ‘AAN BOORD’, iedere zaterdag tussen 12 en 14 u!!
Theo De Brabander.

Steve Roberts  sadly passed away on19th May 2009.Like Bill, Garry and Arthur, grew up with the 60s offshore stations and went on to be heavily involved with the 70s LBP scene.  Steve was a big fan of 60s, 70s and 80s music and was a very popular voice on many of the stations he produced programmes for.  More recently he has submitted programmes to legal radio in Scandinavia and Offshore Music Radio UK.  Steve has also produced voice-overs for RNI and up until his passing presented a regular show on Sundays 4-5pm. R.I.P. 1955-2009

Bill Scales like Garry Stevens was completely influenced by the 60s offshore radio scene and was an avid listener to Radio 270.  The closing of this station meant a big loss to Bill, one that he feels even to this day but it did serve to bring out the rebel in him.  Having found a microphone and various other equipment it soon became clear that Bill had both the voice and ability to present great radio programmes.  Bill has worked in both local and hospital radio for many years.  These days Bill produces many of the superb voice-overs and jingles heard on RNI

Terry Simmons has been interested in radio since the 70's. The early years of London's Capital Radio were a big influence, especially the Fantastic Kenny Everett and Roger Scott. Terry has always been interested in the technical side of radio and in the early days built audio mixers, compressors and stereo encoders however never successfully built an FM Transmitter. Over the last twenty years or so Terry has been involved in FM pirate radio, Community Radio, Hospital Radio, and Internet Radio, albeit using a different surname. Terry can currently be heard playing a wide mix of music (a lot of which you don't hear anymore on mainstream radio) opening Fridays International Service with his show from 4pm 'till 5pm.



Arthur Burton started as a mere site lackey on Radio Jackie and then went on to make his first show on Sun Radio in 1975, and well it’s all been downhill since then! He helped setup the original Radio Nova in Italy in the late 70’s, and has been involved with stations like RFL- Radio Free London, Swinging Radio Sidcup, the truly wonderful Radio Weird, OMR-Offshore Music Radio and more latterly, the revived Swinging Radio England. Arthur is always available for voice-over work, which he currently does for stations ranging from Sidcup to Cincinatti, from  Belfast to Brisbane, oh you name it…. (ok smartass, maybe not Katmandu!!!!) There’s more on this rogue here http://www.arthurburton.net
He is currently considering becoming a radio consultant- but, doesn’t think he can afford the drop in earnings ;-)

Peter Lee has been involved in radio since helping to create a hospital radio station in Kent in 1969  Peter has been on board the Mi Amigo as well as Mebo 2 and Laser 558 as a visitor.  His interest in all things radio has taken him all over Europe, among other things installing 2 way radios for the Romanian ambulance service as well as connections with Island FM in Zakynthos Greece. Peter has a passion for the rarer oldies as well as the 60`s 70`s and 80`s eras. Peter would love to see the offshore radio era return, but this time in the warmer/calmer mediterranean!! Peter can be heard on RNI every Sunday 3-4pm

Rob Walker. Rob is in his second spell with RNI, and rejoined the station in February 2012. “A Better Music Mix” with Rob Walker can be heard every Friday evening at 5pm UK time, and features upbeat hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to get you ready and prepared for the start of your weekend.  He also has a programme on a Thursday evening at 10pm “The Essential Soul Selection” which as the name suggests is a selection of the best in soul music plus a couple of reggae tracks thrown in for good measure.  Included are a lot of those chart hits from those legendry labels like Motown, Stax, Atlantic, Philadelphia International, Trojan and Island Records. Rob can just about remember listening to the pirate stations in the sixties and Radio Luxemburg via his transistor radio under the bed covers. Whilst at Junior School he was an avid “Big L” fan. He progressed to RNI in the seventies followed by Laser 558 in the eighties. Rob started out as a DJ when he was about 18, and has been a DJ for far too long – according to his wife! His first gig was with some borrowed hi-fi equipment at a house party for a friend, and after a few years he was working 5/6 nights a week doing either mobile work, or  working as a resident DJ in various clubs and pubs mainly in the West End and North London area’s. He was a lover of music from an early age via the pirate stations, but got hooked on Soul music when he first heard a James Brown track at his local record shop, and walked out with two albums by The Godfather of Soul. Over the years he has worked with numerous well known national radio DJ’s and various artists, but still feels the highlights were doing the “warm up’s” for Emperor Rosko on several occasions in the early days, and introducing the late Edwin Starr at a gig just prior to the new millennium. Soul Music generally and its various forms are his “musical passion” although he enjoys and appreciates most forms of music. Over the years he has worked on Hospital Radio, and on other stations. If you would like a dedication, or a particular track played, please feel free to get in touch with Rob, via the contact details provided in his show.

Pete Forsyth, has been with RNI for over 3 years and is very humbled to be a part of the RNI family of which many great names are also part. Pete began his career in music in 1968 as a mobile DJ. He developed a love for radio and began presenting regular programmes on the local hospital and community radio stations through the 70s and early 80s. His professional work saw him progressing through to clubs and pubs in Yorkshire and eventually working in multilingual venues in Tenerife and Corfu. Pete never lost his Northern roots and draws on the plethora of fine music which has origins there. Despite a brief spell away from RNI, Pete considers the station his "voice to the world" whilst still giving some of his time to his local community radio station, Phoenix FM, Halifax, Yorkshire.  His Thursday night show on RNI is called "Flashback with Forsyth" and covers all the favourites from the 50s through to the 80s, and more!  You can contact Pete on: Facebook, Twitter (peteforsyth51), Skype (Peterf24), or radio@dr.com

Dave Parkin was a big fan of RNI in the 70s, in fact RNI was one of his favourite stations of all time, so much so that when the new RNI started Dave was one of the first to contact the station.  He kindly produced an RNI car sticker for the station and paid for and setup of RNI’s web addresses just below.




Klaas Vaak was born in 1952 in Egmond aan Zee in a medium-sized resort near Alkmaar.  At an early age Klass was drawn to the rumble of pickups, tape recorders, tape decks, and later still had the tape recorder to document the offshore radio era.  He always listened to Radio Veronica while at work, and also at Radio North Sea to International.  Klaas drives for work, so he has a love for the non-stop program mesh creation.Klaas came into contact with a former radio DJ from Monique which broadcast from the Ross Revenge and now is a local broadcaster in Ijmuiden Klass did programmes 0511 Radio, a weekly non-stop oldies show because the station only 60's and 70's hits.Regrettably Radio 0511 closed down but now Klaas can be heard on RNI.  Outside of radio Klaas’s major hobby is motor racing where my three sons travel all over Europe.Klaas can be heard on RNI’s Dutch service every Sunday 7-8am

Bert van der Laan became interested in radio in the early 1970's.RNI was "the place to be" with jocks  such as Ferry Maat, Joost den Draaijer and Peter Holland also later on Leo van der Goot and Tony Berk.Bert's broadcasting and DJ career started in 1976 with a small pirate radio station and the first gigs as a club DJ. From 1977 this was "regular business" every weekend. In 1980 Bert became a professional club DJ in the Lord Nelson in Meppel, quite a large disco at that time.In 1981 Bert joined the legendary Radio Veronica to present programs and produce jingles and promo's. At that time Bert started producing radio shows for a string of "free" radio stations in Flemish Belgium as well. From 1984 onwards Bert has run his own jingle and radio/TV commercial production company. In the early 1990's Bert was heavily involved in the Dutch commercial regional station Rebecca Radio (now known as City FM). Nowadays Bert's shows are heard on over 75 stations in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium. (including stations like Mi Amigo 192, Havenstad FM, RTW FM, Radio Maaseik, Radio Bingo, Radio Popular, Excellent FM etc.) More info about Bert can be found at www.flashbackparty.web-log.nl and at www.flashbackparty.nl   Bert's jingles can be heard at www.radiopromotions.nl Bert can be heard on RNI’s Dutch service every Sunday 11am-12pm UK time.

Otto Has given up flying! And being pumped up between his legs by young blond busty air hostesses, see the film! Any way he has now joined the radio world and since 2008 has been responsible for the automated section of RNI which can be heard from midnight Sunday until 10am Thursday when our weekend programs kick off with the German service starting an action packed set of programs in all three of RNI’s services. Otto plays all the output to be heard outside of these times. He may have an over inflated! Opinion of him self but he sure dose know how to spin those old 45s and mix them with jingles, promos, etc etc. you can contact Otto via   rni@dr.com


Mike Andrews first got involved in radio after the influence of the 70s sea borne radio stations.  Having a keenness in electronics Mike soon built his first transmitter and went on to become a first class radio engineer, supplying much of the equipment used by the LBP radio scene throughout the 80s and 90s.  He also presented smooth sounding radio shows on the same LBP stations. Mike can be heard on RNI occasionally as a guest presenter.

Barrie Stone, Say's I was born in East London in 1953 but brought up in Harlow, Essex from 1958. In My teens I spent most of my time at the beach listening to the popular Stations of the time; Radio's Caroline, Big L.Radio London and England/Britain Radio. I got bitten by the Radio and DJ'ing bug and started helping a friend with his Mobile Disco a few times before getting my own DJ'ing gig at one of the new style Night Clubs of the Early 1970's called The Palace, on the Seafront at Clacton-on-Sea Essex in 1972. Through my career I have worked on many radio stations in 1981 such as The Legendary Pirate Station's in London namely JFM, Radio Jackie 1983, back to JFM from 1984-1985 then a stint on Solar in 1986-1987, as well as one of the Founder Members to set up a Hospital Radio Station called (EDH Radio)Epsom,Surrey in 1977,then in 1993 was asked to present a Lunchtime Show Mon thru Friday Called Eclipse FM that was vying for a local Community Radio in South London till 1996 but was unsuccessful in winning the License I then went back for a spell on the now Legal Solar Radio Broadcasting on Sky Analogue then Digital Satellite as well as Presenting two Week-End Shows for local South London Terrestrial Station called 107.8FM Thames Radio and the last Station via the Internet I spent about 15 Months on Morpher Radio for which I left to join the Team of Retro Soul Radio. I am also Presenting two Shows for Starpoint Radio on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Christmas 2011 I parted company with Retro Soul Radio and Joined JFSR which was Formed from the defunkt Morpher Radio where I remain at present on a Monday Night with a Show named Bazza's FuZion and the 3rd Saturday of the Month from 10:00 til 12:00 am UK Time with my Special Set namely 'On A Jazz Tip' I have now joined Radio Northsea International for a Sunday from 5 til 6pm UK Time although this Show is Pre-Recorded however I will be in the RNI Chat Room to answer any Questions. Over the years I have been fortunate to work with many of the Top DJ's - Greg Edwards, Robbie Vincent, John Sachs, Steve Walsh and the legendary Emperor Rosko to name but a few and amongst the many venues I have DJ'd at are the Lyceum in the Strand,The Venue in Victoria,The Playboy Club Park Lane, La Beat Route and Cheeky ete's in Richmond, Samanthas W1 and Cheers Wimbledon. I could name many more but there are just too many to mention.

Regards Barrie

Terry Day Born on 28th January 1954, in Swansea South Wales, right at the start of Rock'n'Roll, Terry has been interested in Radio and music since the age of three when he first started with listening to the radio. Terry was inspired by one of the Danger Man episodes “The Not so Jolly Roger” in 1965, which was about one of the Offshore radio stations which was set on the Shivering Sands Fort which was then home to Radio 390. In March 1967 while searching around for Radio Luxembourg he found both Radios, Caroline & Radio London on the airwaves. Although reception was quite poor where he lived he did manage to listen to some of them and Radio London became his favourite choice of station. It was a very sad day when the British Government brought out the Marine Offences Act to take them all off the air. That was it! so he thought. One late afternoon in January 1970 he saw some headlines on the front cover of Record Mirror, "North Sea Pirates on the Air Again!" So he started to tune in on 186m as well on short wave as well. He started to become a regular listener to the station. "It was the first time I could ever listen to an Offshore Radio Station during the day", he says and during the Summer time of 1970 in his school holidays he was able to listen to RNI all day. In 1973 when he was on day-release at his local technical college where he was studying Radio & TV, a friend invited him to join a local Hospital Radio service. There he learned many of the techniques of radio broadcasting. He even met the late Crispin St John while he was at Hospital Radio which was during the bed push, one of the Hospitals Radios fund raising events where Chris had just started at the new local ILR Station, back in September 1974. Although radio was his main ambition he never got there. But all that was about to change. Then in late August 2009 whilst he was on leave from his day job he re-discovered RNI on the internet and it was just like reliving 1970 all over again. He joined in the fun and mayhem in the chat room where he became an avid regular every weekend where he soon started playing quite an active part. Terry was approached by one of the DJs, he started working from behind the scenes for over four months, by making jingles for some of the DJs in the German service. This got him noticed by the boss of RNI, who then invited Terry to do a Demo for him Terry now has his own show on RNI, a long life dream and ambition. He can be heard every Friday afternoon between 2 till 3 o'clock, welcoming you all, to the weekend. Terry also wishes to point out that he is no relation to Roger "Twiggy" Day! Musical Tastes: Started with Cliff Richard (Applologies to Brian Scott) & The Shadows, The Beatles (Applologies to Hans-Joachim), Rolling Stones & Elvis Preseley. Etc,Etc.

Peter Jay grew up during the Pirate radio era, he enjoyed the stations so much that he decided that he wanted to get more involved.  He got his wish, he worked - mainly as a lackey, but did manage to do some d-jaying, voiceovers and jingles for several offshore stations. After their demise in the late 60’s Peter got involved in the LBP scene working with Radio Jackie, Kaleidoscope and WMR (based in Europe) and has many fond memories of climbing trees to put up antenna’s and running across fields carrying transmitters and car batteries being chased by the DTI. In 1970 Peter set up his own medium wave station, ‘Radio Valerie’ on 200mtrs using several 807 valve sets and also a shortwave station ‘Radio Europe’ which had many months success broadcasting on Sundays on 6210 khz, from several modified old ex army 19 sets to the whole of Europe, Peter has worked on a couple of ILR stations in the UK under various names, including BRMB which he say he hated because of their restrictions of what you could play. Peter has also worked with hospital radio and has been running his own studio’s and mobile disco for nearly 40 years and currently splits his time between his studio, disco’s and 2 European FM local stations (who did not want to be mentioned) where he broadcasts English language programmes, mainly to ex-pats. Peter has never lost his pirate spirit and has now joined RNI to bring people the feel of the music from pirate era.


Colin Weston  first got interested in radio at age 16 when he enjoyed listening to Caroline and Radio London and many other stations to numerous to mention. He was given a tape recorder for his birthday with 3 inch spools and had great fun recording the pirates. In 1973 he became station controller for Radio Tranquillity using high power for three nights during Christmas week, with the help of offshore DJs and Radio Kaleidoscope staff. Radio Tranquillity was the only land based pirate to broadcast live phone ins, in competition with Capital Radio and LBC, two new commercial stations that started in that era. Colin in later life worked on many pirate stations including Radio Veronica, ran by Garry Stevens, using his knowledge of sound recording Colin produced jingles at the recording studio where he worked, [very naughty]. He was last heard on Soundwave radio a community station based in Birmingham until it closed down three years ago and is now producing jingles etc. for other stations. He can now heard on Radio Northsea International, 4-5pm on Sundays and is very proud to be a member of the crew, He is happy to be entertaining the listeners once again. Colin says “Happy sailing folks.”


Steve Chesney Started listening to the pirates in the 60's whilst living in Lincolnshire on the East Coast moved away and never really lost the bug. Early 70's found him in Glasgow where he “learned” if that's the right word, his radio at HBS Glasgow with loads of other household names (Steve's a name in his own household – so that counts !) pause here to name drop, but no, resist the urge ! A great advocate of 70's pop music particularly to bemused friends and acquaintances he even has “Hup daar is Willem” as his telephone ring tone –oh dear , but we are happy to report the medication seems to have stabilised him. Steve states that the absolute pinnacle of his life/career to date is getting his gig on RNI , as he says “nothing comes close” ~ which we take to mean that  “nothing” would be about as good, an opinion which  by coincidence is also held by many of his listeners.


Wolgang Haus The Berlin Service Host says My Dad is the one to blame, he gave mean old tube radio receiver, when I was an 8 year kid.  On the medium waveband I listened to DDR (GDR) Radio,  RIAS-Berlin & AFN. But later I discovered that there was also shortwave to listen to. With a small aluminium wire aerial I suddenly received almost the whole world. Radio Luxemburg  and a strange Dutch speaking station playing real good music. Later I found out that it´s was Radio Nordsee International.  Also I listened to Wolfman Jack on AFN. Thais was now something I began to dream about, I wanted to become a Radio Man.  But instead went to sea as a mechanic and travelled over the ocean. In the year  2007  I had my first chance to work at a radio station in east Germany and met the Radio Legend  Dennis King from whom I learnt a lot. The station that was my first love is now the one I do my programme for “The Berlin – Service” for ,  R.N. I.! The cercal is closed !! I´m happy to be hear , for you !!

Jim Richman was  a former presenter on Radio Caroline, with a wealth of experience to his name.  Jim presents a weekly programme on Hospital Radio Lion at Royal Surrey County Hospital.  He has been a member since May 1977 so 32 years service to his credit. Jim takes over his regular slot at the console after travelling from his home in Feltham, Middlesex. Radio Caroline had a big influence on the life of Jim Richman, working as an apprentice transmission engineer on board the Frederica, Radio Caroline’s Ship off the Isle of Mann.  He applied and within a week he was on board. One morning the tender did not arrive due to rough weather, so Gerry Leighton, the Station Director mentioned he was short of staff and with in a couple of hours Jim was on air. He started in October 1965 and stayed until March 1966. On his leaving he gained a contract at the Marquis Club in Wardour Street, London.  He joined Radio Lollipop in 1982. Jim has worked over nights with Radio Jackie 1984-85, BBC Radio Medway 1975/76, Sunshine Radio in Worthing Sussex from 1977/78 and also numerous freelance fill ins for various stations.  Recently he was with Hayes FM 2008/9 in Middlesex.   He is now working at Radio Northsea International presenting “Remembering the 60s” on Saturday evenings from 6 to 7pm


Ray Collins has been involved with presenting radio programmes for more years than he cares to remember, starting out as a mobile disc jockey and working on the London club circuit as a resident DJ.  From there he progressed to presenting some “Guest DJ” shows for BBC Radio Medway (now Kent) on a freelance basis.  Owing to commitments elsewhere, it was never feasible for Ray to take up radio presenting full time but his enthusiasm led him into working for various hospital stations.  He then joined Radio Basildon, a commercial cable station, where he stayed for 3 years until its closure from where he moved back into hospital radio at Whitechapel AM, after which he got involved in a number of RSL stations.  Ray remembers sending an audition tape to the first DJ on Radio North Sea, Roger Day, in the early seventies, as yet no reply, so it has taken about 35 years for his application to be processed. Hi RNI – great to be on board at last! Ray can be heard on RNI, Saturdays at 2pm & 7pm, and Sundays at 2pm.


Roger Kirk  Wishes to point out he is not the same DJ heard on RNI in the 70's  But he was involved in the initial setup of the station when it was hoped to broadcast from the MV Galaxy  from the German coast. Roger has nice memories having been amidst the scene including contacts with Veronica, Capital Radio, Caroline in 73 and Atlantis in 74. His father being Dutch (from Noordwijkerhout) and his mother being German, Roger grew up mainly in Western Germany, so this is his main language. He began the way, as so many others, with the international service of the Pyrgos broadcasting station in Greece. In the eighties we heard a lot from Roger, he started his own project "Radio Victoria" that is possibly a well-remembered German shortwave music station, which was also heard on 1301KHz and various FM frequencies In Eastern Belgium and Italy he broadcast on the international service of Radio Milan International, Radio Time from Florence and in the very beginning also for Radio Minuto in Barcelona. He joined commercial radio in Germany when it started and later he became a head of music and one of the most well known voices on radio for a bunch of stations in places like Ludwigshafen, Aschaffenburg, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Bochum and Erfurt. During the nineties he concentrated on being a radio consultant and started a monthly magazine of his own, a decade ago, despite that he never really lost contact with radio and after the 25th birthday transmissions for the once beloved "Radio Victoria" during the summer of 2008, Roger is looking for new ideas and opportunities. Besides some 2 to 3 projects of his own he is happy to be with RNI... so it’s a welcome back home to Roger. He points out that his shows (mainly for the German service but also with some identifications & announcements in English and Dutch) will not be the normal mundane material you can listen to anywhere. Roger’s show is packed with rarities, nearly forgotten songs and album tracks... so you may be pleasantly surprised by what he plays. His programme is called "Old Days". Roger can be heard every Sunday morning at 1am GMT. To contact Roger for requests and dedications email him at radio@dr.com



Hans-Joachim was born in 1959 and he grew up in Southern Germany.
As a teenager, he got very frustrated about the music of the Bavarian radio,playing almost only Bavarian folk music at this time. So he searched for a better sound, and tuned in to RTL on SW. Listening to SW became one of his hobbies, and during a search for new SW stations, he found the wonderful RNI in 1973. Hans-Joachim was a regular listener until the closedown. By end of August 2008, he looked for any RNI related stuff on shoutcast and found this wonderful reincarnation of RNI. Since then he became a regular listener. In July 2009, he was asked by Hans Himself to become a DJ for the German Service and since August the 16th he has presented his show ”Let’s Spend the Night Together” on Sundays 2:00am-3:00am.
Martin Franken  begun a great interest in radio at the age of 12 by building his own transmitter! And starting to broadcast programs like the ones he heard and loved regularly on RNI and Radio Veronica. In 1978 he had become involved in the real radio world by starting to make programs for local and commercial stations including G.R.O Radio, O.O.G. Radio, Vision FM, Radio 101, Radio Westerwolde, Simone FM, Havenstad FM, (even to this day He is still doing things for some of them), Martin can be heard regularly on GRO Radio, Radio Westerwolde, and now RNI every Sunday morning between 11:00 and 12:00 mid day Dutch time with his program “Coffee and Music”.More about Martin Franken can be found on his own website at www.djmartinfranken.nl.

 Tony James was mainly influenced by the 70s pirates, largely RNI.  Tony got involved with LBPs along with Mike Andrews, Garry Stevens and the rest of the team and produced many programmes for various stations. Tony is a big fan of Elvis Presley and the 60s and 70s music scene.  Tony submits voice-overs to RNI

Douglas Coutts Rather than being reared on Ostermilk, Douglas was raised on RNI. A valuable addition to anyone's diet. Whilst his parents thought he was doing his homework he was in his room with his Dad's Bush TR-10 radio listening to 'Music For Young Europe' on RNI.  At Christmas 1973 he begged his parents for a Radio Cassette, and he got a Thorn EMI RC, that cost about 45 quid way back then. This then allowed Douglas to record some RNI shows, but as he freely admits, from the confines of his jacket that fastens up the rear, that he was more addicted to the jingles. Over the years he has collected 100's of hours of RNI recordings, and yes those wonderful jingles as well. He usually plays them full blast on a modern i-pod connected through some Denon kit, but as his room is now well insulated with padded material, the neighbors are not offended. He is also known for collecting old radios at car boot sales and jumble sales, with the net result that he now sleeps in the garage, with his Bush TR-10. Being a Man Of Action, or not, he can often be found on a beach somewhere, with an old transistor radio, some food and an open fire. Doug can now be heard on he's all time favorite station RNI each Friday at 3pm UK time with the RNI lift of show.

                          Tony Rider He began a long career at the age of 9 years old by having drumming lessons, and later on he became a competent player. Also he was given a 'Lustraphone mic' and an old reel to reel tape recorder at about 11 years old for music and voice practice. From then things went in the two directions, one drumming became a career move, firstly playing jazz then in shows and backing groups on tours. This took him into Europe and also the big stage venues in the UK. Later he became a session player and worked live with many International and National artists. His first broadcast was in the choir at Midnight Mass from Kings College Cambridge as a choir boy where he sang 'solo' at the tender age of 12 years old for BBC Radio. Later he worked and developed his voice techniques to a point that a number of reasonable sized 'disco events' could be accomplished there after he applied for an advertised trainee position with Mecca Dancing Group and won the contract. After qualifying as Tony Rocket he took over a major sizes establishment from the compeer position and also acted as the DJ between live sets on stage working along side most of the sixties super stars to. In 1966 he became a key DJ and producer for London's famous Flamingo Club in Wardour Street in Following that he was seen in many other prestigious night spots. His interests in radio grew and in the early 70's he became a main presenter with Radio Kaliedascope London then a very popular radio station. He worked on other numerous stations and also became the London link studios for 'The Voice of Peace' broadcasting from the Mediterranean but these shows were in fact recorded in Tony's Hampstead studios, also another of the RNI presenter’s Colin Weston who worked along side Tony for many years and then became a senior engineer for the London link studios. A little later on he took over as programme controller for 'Sound Wave Radio' and also presented shows for that station to. Tony hopes you will join him on Radio North Sea International where he presents a very broad based shows featuring selections from the  60's 70's each Saturday 5pm till 6 GMT.


Mike St John  Listened to Big L, SRE, and Caroline in the 60s and was influenced by the pure freedom of the 6os and 70s offshore stations. Mike did a lot of disco / road shows during the 70s and become a well known voice on the disco circuit. In 1977 he heard NLR / North London Radio on 220m run by Garry Stevens, Mike contacted the station and come along to the weekly NLR meet. Pretty soon after mike first contacted NLR he could be heard hosting NLR’s lunchtime show. Mike then soon become a very close friend to Garry Stevens and also become one of the main stays of NLR. In early 79 when NLR closed down MSJ / Mike St John then become a founder member of the stations run on both FM and AM by Garry Stevens right up to 1997.
R.N.I is  glad to announce that Mike will soon be hosting shows on the station starting in January 2011. Welcome home Mike.
Garry Stevens


Dave Williams Was born, and grew up listening to the radio. As a young teenager, Dave discovered stations such as Caroline, London, and Yorkshire's own Radio 270, anchored between Bridlington and Scarborough. As a bit of a loner, Dave spent every spare moment  glued to the radio. "I wanted so much to be part of what was going on", he says. "But I  was just a kid at school, and way too young". After Caroline closed in 1968, Dave discovered Radio Veronica and became intrigued by the Dutch language and the music. He found himself inexplicably drawn towards Holland. "I've often wondered if I'd been a Dutchman in a previous life", Dave says. As author and webmaster of the RNI Tribute Pages website, Dave has been a keen supporter of Radio NorthSea International since the station began. At the age of 17 Dave found work as a mobile dj, and worked alongside a local band. When it was discovered he could also sing, the band invited him to join them, and so the dj work began to take a back seat. After many years, with the band, Dave branched out as a solo vocalist entertainer, both in his native Yorkshire, and then in more recent years on Merseyside, The Wirral, North Wales and Lancashire. He also plays keyboards and writes songs. One of Dave's specialities is creating English versions of European hit songs, and a number of his demo tracks can be heard right here on RNI, as well as on various stations in Holland. He also creates promotional videos which feature his songs, and these can be seen on his YouTube Channels. After retiring from the concert stage, even though he'd never done radio before, Dave was invited to join RNI as a guest presenter, with an initial "one-off" show which was broadcast as part of the Easter Monday programmes. This led to "Williams On The Wireless" becoming a weekly show soon afterwards. Dave's show can be heard on RNI on Fridays at noon, and Sundays at 5.00pm, UK time. He also participates in RNI's special events, presenting additional shows, and is often to be found in the RNI chatroom. In his weekly show, Dave plays a wide range of music, from fifty years of hits. Focussing on the sixties and seventies. He also picks out tracks that found their way into the original Radio Noordzee Top 50, thereby ensuring that much of the music will bring back memories from the Mebo2 era. The playlist includes not only hits by British and American artists, but also music from a pan-european perspective, just as the original RNI did, some forty years ago. He'll also play the occasional more recent track, but this will invariably be a cover of a hit from years gone by. A regular feature of the show is the " Anorak Track ". Each week, items will be played which are in some way connected with offshore radio of the past. It might be a station or DJs signature tune, or an aircheck compilation of a particular station, or personality. Dave's presentation style is upbeat, the emphisis is on the music, and the chat is kept to a minimum, which means that anything up to 18 tracks will be heard in each show. Many of the original RNI jingles are heard, along with jingles from the present day RNI catalogue. Dave makes extensive use of specially commissioned voice-overs, which are voiced for him by American radio veteran, Bill Elder Dave also presents a show on the Dutch Station, Surf Radio International. Visit Dave's website to check out the full story:

Marcel Poelman Has been involved in radio since the late 60s largely influenced by the Offshore radio stations & Radio Luxemburg. The most interesting later on for him was Radio Noordzee Int. Marcel has done some technical  projects for LBP, and has also worked for several Local and Regional Radio Stations. Now these days he is a first class radio engineer. He also did some workshop Audio Editing & Jingle producing in Hilversum. Marcel makes some superb voice-overs and likes producing  jingles in both Dutch and English for RNI




Benny Rogers Has Almost 35 years in the Radio  business. His career started in Italy where he worked for a Station that broadcasted for German and German speaking people. He then worked in the South, North and in West of Germany, he's an oldies specialist and loves The Hollies, Temptations also Manfred Man. Naturedly he also loves the 80th ,Million-Seller by Phil Collins and 10CC. Now he has found his way to R.N.I. The station that he has always liked very  much. His Show " Music-Radio-Hits " is a Mixture of 30 years of  great music Put together with a big smile on his face , because of his love of doing good  Radio !!!

Benny Rogers. Seit fast 35 Jahren im Radio-Geschäft. War in Italien bei einem Touristensender, hat in Süd-und Nordeutschland Früh- und Nachtsendungen moderiert. Und gilt als Oldie-Spezialist. Seine Lieblingsmusik kommt von den Hollies, Temptations und Manfred Mann. Er liebt aber auch die 80er mit den Hits von Phil Collins und Ten CC. Bei RNI moderiert Benny Rogers die "Radio Hits". Eine Mischung mit Musik aus drei Jahrzehnten und guter Laune am Mikrofon.

Mike Guy Comes from a journalistic background anddwith his love of music soon began writing a pop music column for the provincial press, meeting many stars of the sixties and seventies including The Who, Small Faces, Dusty Springfield, Moody Blues, Slade and numerous other top names. He gained deejay experience in clubs and discos, including Amsterdam, and learned radio presenting through hospital radio, gaining a certificate for 20 years service from the National Association of Hospital Broadcasting Organisations. Mike has been a radio freelance, his projects including setting up and running the international English service of Radio Delmare in Antwerp, Belgium, and producing a documentary for commercial radio in the UK on the story behind Cliff Richard's hit Miss You Nights, with a contribution from Sir Cliff himself.

Peter Bakker was born in 1953 in Nieuw-Weerdinge  a small place / town near Emmen  ''Born with a microphone in his hand''
At the age of 16 he joined the  Navy and remained in service until 2003.  He always listened to RNI on board his Navy ship and  during the early 1970's enjoyed listening to super Dj's Joost den Draaijer, Ferry Maat and Leo van der Goot etc. ''the real feeling of offshore radio''  Peter started hid DJ career with a small Pirate station in 1984 and later worked 18 years for a local Station in Den Helder. In 2006 he emigrated to Germany a small place called Rhauderfehn. For the last 7 years Peter  has been producing shows for another internet radio station. He says its a boys dream come true to play music for R.N.I
Peter is a DJ for the German service and presents his program Thursday ''Ship of Memories''


Blake Williams,

Profile coming soon




Bruno Hans says, I am a French writer (35 books since 1992) and editor of books, have been radio and TV host, I collect rare UK & US music of the 60's & 70's as well as old movies in black & white. I run an internet service called infodisc.fr (thousands of informations about records released in France between 1950 and 2015).

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