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This is the R.N.I  Listenerís  photo section below are a selection of photos sent into R.N.I to be shown here if you would like us to include your photo please send it to    rni@dr.com    and we will add it to this page. ††

  Photos only please! to



                              Peter Tegethof in Hardyís Studio                                                               Vanessa Tegethof in Hardyís Studio
                 Linda a big fan of RNI and our Badges (-:                                                    Tim Mullen Loves RNI and listens all the time
                    Simon Parton. Shropshire in his Rugby Shirt                                                Joachim Buckow on the run from his Radio!
           Rod & Baylee  7 days old already listening to RNI (-:                         Tina Ravenflight from Iowa USA loves RNI and her Snake
                    Dave Parkin One of RNIís First listners                                          Jamie Nord one of RNI's big fans even has the boots(-:
            Dave Williams Great friend to RNI & talented Singer                                           Dale n Lala fans of RNI in Germany
                     Barbie listens to RNI at work in Germany                                                  Brida in Germany loves the RNI Gold Formate     

     Dieter, Radio Ham in Germany tunes to RNI whenever he can                                     Fingers Phillips, we didn;t ask him why (-:
             Sent in from Germany it said the smile is due to RNI!                              Kim and Jill listen to RNI at work in the office
         Our own Klaas Vaak listens to RNI when not in the Studio                        La manda jane Brown listens to RNI on her Mobile
       Les Bennet in Canada says keep up the good work  RNI                            Mark Bennet from Canada says he loves the Oldies
   Mark, Mick, & Scott Listen in the Pub the landlord has us loud                                  Mark and Karen love RNI & each Other
           Meryl Enright says she gives RNI the BIG thumbs up!                          Niccole Scott at her PC and she says always with RNI
                    Tomas Kerry Kirk Jilly all enjoy RNI                                                            Sheila and Mum love RNI in Canada        
 Richard in his Radio Room Sussex, Says I am a great R.N.I listener       Ron Brown listening to RNI both in the car and back at home
            French Pete taken by his 4 year old Grandson on 9.1.11.                                         Terry Day at work on RNI

                     Con Vincent Enright avid RNI listener                                        Nice Nigel in Birmingham UK, listens to RNI all the time.

Scheila Kuntz from California, visit to the Hans him Self Goldmine      Clarky and his Girlfriend say thanks RNI for a great station

       Michael Lunn says he loves RNI and thanks for being there        Bebis and Sally in Kefalonia have RNI all day in the Bar Sallys Bar

                          Michelle and Jamie love RNI on all Day                                                     Mark Nicole lewis scott love RNI

  Mick & Angie Watson love the station and a party night with RNI with Tony David and Terry Simmons djing for Clarkes Birthday Bash

                                            Regular Listeners to RNI,  Delboy, and the Wife, Delboy, and Scooby Doo


                     Peter Tegethoff with the chairman of the board The one and only Emperor Rex in his R.N.I Hat


                 Scott and Gillian Harris say they love the Station                          Mike say's  Listening to RNI and suddenly I am 14 Again!


Kees, is Dutch, in Norway now 35 years loves R.N.I and the Music     R.N.I Fan, Jan Sundermann late 1986 in Harwich & the Laser Ship

                      Geert Smit is a regular listener to R.N.I                           Ulrich say's, It always feels like Christmas every time I hear R.N.I
Christoph listener in Switzerland, It's great to have RNI back on air!                  Helen Carter, whos is allways listening to R.N.I

       Catherine Taylor says she has RNI on as much as she can                                      Dr Mark Scott recons RNI is the best

Hi Steph here, RNI is a perfect finish to a long day I tune in & relax.                      Cafe were you can hear RNI 7 Days per week
       Kalle Lumma who`s  missingi@dr.com  R.N.I on his Holidays                                   Model of the MeboII now this is truly Dedication!
                    Thomas Rosin in Germany  says Thanks for the Wonderful programs on the Internet and all the best to you
          Lady listening to RNI and the Terry Day show bless HerT       This is Jaz! She lives with listeners Clive & Linda The London Gang
Peter Chairman of Klass Vaakís Fan Club, & the only Member        Karen and Caroline listen to RNI and love the music
                           Fans of RNI Neil and Julie Andrews                                 Mike and Gregg Jukes listen to RNI when not out saving Lives!
                               Fans of RNI  Wendy and Julie                                   Neil Sullivan listening in Stevenage Herts on his pure Evoke Flow


                         Rory Hawke and Blue Shock both Avid listeners to R.N.I  in the United States of America, Iowa to be exact.

    L'auteur A regular listener to R.N.I Wrong T Shirt  LOL            Richard in his Radio Room Sussex, Says I am a great R.N.I listener

From left to right, Mr Fobelets & wife Margeritte, Petra ,Luc (girafke ) ,Edgard husband of Petra. They are all from Belgium.