During the summer of 2013 R.N.I was forced to make a few changes to both our German and Dutch DJ line up! Which resulted in our very "temporally" being short of a couple of DJs! We are now very happy and proud to say that both our Dutch and German services are now back to full strength! And even Bigger and Better than ever before! With the inclusion of some very professional Djs joining both services and together with our English International service we have now built a strong team with A better DJ line-up than at any time before in the stations history going back to 2006. A special thanks to DE service Manager Hardy who has maid the  German service strong and who dose a lot of work for Radio Northsea International and is extremely helpful and professional in all that he dose for this station. R.N.I just keeps going from strength to strength and is growing the whole time. Later in September 2013 we will be going Fibber Optic so that our streams are 100%  at all times. We will also be adding an extra stream at the fantastically high sound quality of   "320kbit"  All this plus many more exciting things to come over the next few weeks to your Station.
 Radio Northsea International.
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