2008 - 2016

Station Director, Owner.

Mr. Zhang Yong.  Shenzhen,  Guangdong Province, China.

When contacting  Zhang Yong  

Please Use Traditional Chinese ONLY!

R.N.I   Station   Owner              Director       Zhang Yong         yong355@dr.com      







Station                                       Manager       Dave Nicholas    davidmason@fastmail.fm


Dutch Service    programme       Manager       Wim Oostland    wim@cm-recordings.nl


  German Service programme       Manager       Hardy                 rni.hardy@t-online.de


Station Technical                        Manager       Duncan James    loft@anorakcorner.com



Technical Advice                              Manager       Nigle James         nigeljames@dr.com

Please Note All communications with regards to Any form of
Legal Matters! 
Must be made to
The Station Owner Director
Mr. Zhang Yong. Only!!!...
Shenzhen,  Guangdong Province, China

When Contacting Zhang Yong

 ! Please Use
Traditional Chinese ONLY!

Email - Zhang Yong  .... 


FFor all Matters other Than Legal issues

 Please Contact us in English ... rni@dr.com

If your communication is with regards to our Dutch or German service please contact the Manager for that service
Wim Oostland  or Hardy de Both Wim ----- and Hardy have full authority to speak on behalf of R.N.I and
Zhang Yong.



If you have any suggestions, memorabilia, recordings, or other items of interest that you feel could be used by R.N.I in any of our future special events, or would simply like to gain any information with regard to our past and future events, then please contact our English service and Special events Manager Dave Nicholas.






If you wish to contact any of R.N.I's DJ's then please contact them in person via emailing   radio@dr.com  Please be sure to mark it very clearly as to the particular DJ you wish to contact.












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