If you own a phone that is on the THREE network then this dose not apply to you, just simply do a search for   ”radio north sea”  in any of the many internet radio AAP’S job done…


However all the other networks do their best to stop you listening to internet radio they do this by blocking port numbers above 5700 so naturally your phone says  service down or unavailable. In realty this is not so! It’s just that they won’t let you connect!


We at R.N.I have got round this for you by having a port 80 stream of which is a basic port for the internet and as such is not easily blockable without stopping the phones having internet at all!!


Hers what you do! We suggest you use the aap known as “A online Radio” do this by going to your aap’s service i.e. market if your on Android, then scroll down until you see  “music and audio”  after which you choose free i.e. so you only see the list of free apps! Then scroll down until you see

A On Radio”  download it and place a shortcut to it on you phones apps menu or on the home screen. Then open the player from this short cut and search for   “radio north sea”   this will give you a list of all 5 of our streams open / play the one that says 48k AAC once it starts playing  save it to favourites, And thats it job done.


Should you not see our streams when tying to search! This is again because your network provider has blocked this too!! Don’t worry its easy to get round this as well! Simply open up your browser i.e. google or any! And then type in the address window right at the top of the page “ http://rni220.zapto.org:80/listen.pls ” then hit go / search this will open

 A on line radio and R.N.I will start playing, just store us into your player’s favourites and that’s it all done.


Should you choose a different player then simply do the same as with

A online radio” with any minor changes to accommodate your choice of player.